By: Avery  

Grumpy crab cartoon

So me, my big  sister Abby,my little sister Allie, my momma, and my dad  woke up at 7:00 in the morning to go to Jackal Island.  with my cousins. We packed our bags, went and put our stuff in the car . I have to wake my sister up and  she is grouchy when she wakes up.  I get my phone, charger, my book, and sketch book. Also my bag I got into the car then when we were on the road Allie (My little sister) started to say are we there yet, and it got so annoying so I told her to hush. She just kept being annoying, and I smacked her on the arm. Then she started to cry. So mamma made me give my phone to her. I got so furious at my mom. I tried to go to sleep, but my big sister ( Abby) put her feet on the arm rest  where my head was. After she bit me I screamed. Mother told us to behave around Allie and took our devices. She told Abby to be nice and I gave her a smug look. We all were asleep except my dad and mom. At around 8:00 or 9:00 we got there. I was so relieved because I got to relax from my sisters.


Image by John Ayers from Pixabay