Smiley face emoji with sore throatby Alea


When you get your tonsils taken out they hurt REALLY bad. I got my tonsils taken out when I was in 2nd grade and had to stay out of school for 2 weeks. My tonsils hurt as bad as a broken bone!! My friends sent me lots of letters saying they miss me and other stuff like that. Most people get their tonsils taken out so they can prevent strep-throat, that’s what I did. Even though I got my tonsils taken out because of strep, I still got strep. Me getting my tonsils taken out reminded me of me breaking my arm. I had to go into surgery and they had to put me to sleep! When I woke up I was in very much pain. But some people don’t feel the pain. So, if you ever get your tonsils taken out be ready for pain.


Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay