by 4th graders

medical face mask

Over the past year, we’ve had to get used to wearing masks in public. We missed the end of school in the spring of 2020 because of quarantine. We started back to school in August of 2020 with everyone wearing masks and social distancing and have been in the building ever since. Here are some students’ thoughts on wearing masks.



Coronavirus changed our lives by making us wear masks and social distance 6 feet. We have a lot of signs saying you must wear a mask in the building. Sometimes we have to go into quarantine and stay out of school. It also changed our lives by not letting us see our family and friends. A lot of schools have shut down because of the coronavirus. If we go into quarantine we have to stay in our house for 2 weeks. When I was in quarantine I had to do my school work from home. I did not have to go on Google Meets, but I had to take a couple of tests. I also did not get to see my friends when I was in quarantine. Coronavirus has changed our lives a lot.



When the coronavirus started, the mask ruined  everything. We had to wear masks 24-7 at school.If we were in the classroom it had to be on, even in the hallway.It was in teens. It was like world war two.I thought wearing a bike helmet was bad.When I would wear a mask in school it changed a lot, because then social distising came around .  It was bad because I couldn’t talk to my friend.

Also another reason is we had to eat just to take a mask off.If we went outside we had to wear a mask it was tiring. Every time we would read we had to yell, because they couldn’t hear us.It was boring.  



The coronavirus changed me because I have to wear a mask all the time everyday at school. Even in school. It changed my family because they are always mad at the coronavirus because they have to wear a mask at all times. It changed school because we have to stay six feet apart all the time. It changed restaurants because we can’t sit at certain tables all the time because you have to stay six feet because you are not wearing a mask.



Corona Virus has changed the way we can get near each other and the way we communicate so we have to wear mask in public places. because someone might not be wearing a mask, and have  us catch itso we need to be wearing masks in public places and we need to stay 6 feet so we don’t get the Virus in restaurants and other public places we have to wear a mask.

When we are in a restaurant we wear our masks, but when we are at the table we eat our food and we don’t yell we say things in a normal voice.



When we could go we had to wear masks everywhere.  When I go to school all of us in the school have to wear masks when I go to Stem, Computer, PE, Art, Music also classrooms and you have to stay six feet apart. People see signs that talk about coronavirus and have to wear masks, when people go to church in restaurants people have close tables in lines of sites. When your a taxi driver you have to masks because other people will be in car the car with you and a lot of people can’t even go on a vacation, in basketball in baseball also soccer you don’t have to wear because you will get hot or sletie in sleepie.



When Covid hit it affected a lot of things. I am going to talk about how it affected Vacation. First it closed a lot of places down. Second it made it to where you had to wear a mask everywhere. When me and my family were going to go to St. Augustine in the summer before everything was closed down. But then they enforced masks and social distancing which makes it lines longer and masks make it to where you can’t breathe. I understand this is important but it takes the fun out of vacation. 

Last week me and my family went to Wilderness at the Smokies in Tennessee. There was an arcade there but you had to wear a mask which makes it hard to breathe and concentrate on what you’re playing.