golden retrieverBy: Chloe


Last summer I was outside in my backyard, when my step dad found a dog that had blonde fur and he was very fluffy. He had a collar but the name of the owner or the dog was not on it. So we kept the dog hoping someone would come look for him, in the meantime my brother, my little sister and I were all playing with him. Later, my brother and I tried to give him water but he kept on knocking it over, a little later my mom came out with her phone and she took a picture of him and posted it on something. She asked who the dog had belonged to, and a lot of people were saying the dog was theirs, neither my mom or I believed them so we waited. Sometime later someone pulled into our driveway and said the dog was theirs. We knew the dog was theirs because the dog was so happy to see them, so we kinda got to know the people and they told us the name of the dog and it was Duke. We were sad to say goodbye to Duke but we knew he had to go home so we said our goodbyes and they drove away.