by Andy

hands holding fishing reel

One Sunday afternoon I went over to my neighbors’ house with the following things: my two fishing rods, my bait, and my lunch. My neighbors— Mr. Justin and Mrs.Elizabeth — already had the boat hooked up to the boat trailer, but still had to get their gear ready to go. After I loaded my gear into the boat I decided to play with their dog, Magi, for a while. Magi has been my best friend for a long time. A few minutes later Mr. Justin and Mrs. Elizabeth’s gear was ready to go. A few minutes later we were at our destination and were getting the boat in the water. Then we were off to the center of the lake to fish. At about my fourth cast I got a bite but it got off the hook. By the end of the day we were on the way home and I didn’t catch anything but I was happy that at least I got to go.