by TatianaGirl, Trees, Brick wall animation

These are my top ten things I did this year. We did experiments in Ms.Gilley’s classroom for science. I really like 4th grade. It has been an amazing year. Once I go to 5th grade I will miss all my friends. In Mrs. In Piepmiers class we do easy stuff, sometimes a little challenging. I might make new friends in 5th grade. My teachers are funny and very nice. One is very honest and kind. The other is very funny and kind. I will miss 4th grade but I will soon go to 5th grade. I was shy when I came in but when I met my friends then all that changed. I always try my best on things. I will miss everything we did this year. We had a Christmas party in Ms.Gilley’s classroom. In Mrs.Piepmeier we had a halloween party. I will miss them both very much.

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