by Lance


No buffets for me no more.

  My parents used to bring me to a buffet called Atlantic buffet. My sister used to work there, but once Covid 19 struck my parents made my sister stop working there because they could not risk the chance of her getting Covid 19.


Online school

Our parents had to choose between online school or risk it for non-online school.

At first, my parents made me go to online school for about a month, but our grades weren’t good. So they took the risk and put me and my brother and my two other sisters. Our grades went good.



    While in school we had to wear masks so if we are coughing we don’t spread it to others.

 Some of our masks were not comfortable but we had to wear them even if we weren’t sick.


School playground equipment

In the Rebels school during recess we can’t play on the school playground equipment we can’t use the slides the chair seesaw, the swings and anything else on the playground except the benches, but at least we can play basketball and four squares and many things other than the playground equipment.


Things we have done since covid came.

Since Covid came we couldn’t do many things so my dad bought a buggy and he let me ride it sometime and once let me drive it. Then we went to do water gun hide and seek and we did it more often. The tagger has a water gun and the rest have to hide if you get wet by the water gun you are out.


 Washing hands more often

When covid wasn’t here many kids didn’t wash their hands likely and same with me and when covid came we started to wash hands more often. We were taking it seriously. Even during school we were washing hands. Some kids in school didn’t care and didn’t wash their hands.


Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay