by Hunter

red van

The time I went to Pigion forge was a blast. My family rented a van from Pionere Ford. We woke early the next day and packed up are cloths and loaded it into the van.then we went to pick up my grandparents.after that we stopped by Mcdonalds and ate breakfast. After breakfast we ran into some people riding there bikes on the road in front of us.they slowed us down but after a wile they moved and we could get there on time.when we got there it turns out that we were early geting to the hotel. Then we got hungry and went to Ihop to eat lunch. Then we explored the town and found an arcade. I won 580 tickets. Then I figured out that it was not enough to get the thing I wanted. So i just bought a cup and a slush.then we went back to the hotel and rested for a wile. Later after we woke up we went to the pool and played in it.after that we went to a go cart track and rode the go carts.soon after that we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.