by Sebastian

My name is Sebastian and I am a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). My birthday is in August and I got a four wheeler for christmas two years ago and love riding on it. I love going outside to the park and playing at the playground after school. 

I like playing Fortnite games.I love watching YouTubes about Fortnite, and Minecraft games to learn more on how to play with the game for extra points. 

We have animals, a dog named Cavier and 6 cats named Athena, Persphone, Apollo, Chaos, Orion and Aleksandrya. They all love playing through the house all night instead day time, I do not know why. 

S- sweet when can be

E- energy  for fun

B- blonde boy that speaks to its mind

A- awesome, cool and fun

S- smiles at people when they smiles at me

T- telling fun and happy stories

I- intelligent and clever when can be 

A- aggravation whenever things gets in my way (not always)

N- nice and adorable to people when they can be nice