by Christopher

boy driving go kart


I went to a place in myrtle beach and rode go gokarts.When I got out of the car I was very excited to drive the gocart.When we got in we had to pay for are wristband to be able to drive the gokart.There were so many different race tracks to ride on first we done the silk track.When we got in the gocart had a soft but firm grip the seat had nascar seat belts attached and the seat was soft.When you took of you would go slow but gain speed if you turn the edge qwic you would drift.They were very loud when you got the slow ones because they would be revving when my dad heard that he said stop revving it.So i thought if i ask if the had a quitter go kart my dad would stop  yelling at me. The next ride I got scared because there was a big hill and when I went over it my go kart came off the ground when i landed my back got hurt because the seats where harder than all of the others. The grip also, was the worst in the park.


Photo by Jess Maund on Unsplash