by Addison

water park

 Over the summer I went to White Water. When my family and I first got there, I was so excited to get wet and go down some slides. At the waterpark we ate cheesy french fries, they were so good. Then we went to the biggest slide in the whole waterpark, it was red and orange. When we went down the slide in the four seater tube I was so nervous, but it was actually so much fun! I absolutely love the new water slide because it went so fast and it was like a slipping slide, but you were lying on a mat. My favorite slide was definitely the big red and orange tornado slide.I heard a bunch of screaming so I think the other people were definitely having fun.I felt so cold when the wind blew because I was soaking wet. Then when we were about to leave, I slipped and fell down ,and when we got in the car we noticed that I had a big bruise and scratch on my leg.So when we got home my mom put some cream on it and a bandaid. So after all, I had a pretty great time at the waterpark. It was so much fun.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash