by Hope

sand dollars and seashells

Two summers ago I went to Panama City Beach and went to Seashell Island. I loved the tour because the captain even let use get in the water and find sand dollars. I found ten to fifteen sand dollars. I am so glad that I went on that tour because I was the only one who saw the mother dolphin and her baby. I told the Captain and he stopped and tried to get them to come up to the boat. He said that they would do that if they were not scared too. But the dolphin’s did not come up to the boat because the adult dolphin had her baby with her. But as soon as we could not see them anymore, he went on and found a spot where we could go snorkeling. I was scared at first because the spot that we stopped at had a lot of sea urchins, and he told us to look under water to make sure that you were not stepping on one. But I found something really cool I found a crab claw. I kept it but I was disappointed because someone found a bracelet and a starfish. The bracelet was not even a year old. After everyone got back on the boat we headed for Seashell Island. Once we got there, I looked at the Island and all you could see was seashells and sand. Everywhere that you stepped there was a seashell. I gathered up a lot and put them in my bucket and brought them home. Thirty minutes had passed while we were on the Island and the Captain said that it was time to head back to shore. I enjoyed this trip in many different ways. I did not want it to be over but I had fun.