written 5/1/19
by Gracie


If you know me you know I love cats so this post is about being their owner. In the family there are two adults Hannah and Lea both sisters their fun personalities make them the sweetest sisters and moms. Then there’s the troublesome brothers which are middle aged Sunjay, Cotten, and Flamepelt this trio may be cute and handsome but they’re a handful they all have their own personalities, Cotton well he Is very sensitive in emotions, Flamepelt is scared of heights ( even though he’s a cat), Sunjay well he likes to attack everyone because he always goes crazy. Now the 7 sisters Angel, Autumn, Pepper, Lisa, Luck, and the twins Bella and Whiskers they are the teens in the family except for the twins which are kittens. Now Mitzi and Cloudfur the two sister and brothers there mom abandoned them because she never really liked them during this time because she was very old 6 years to be exact so they were left to be apart of Angel and her sisters litter. Now i’m going into 2 backstories of Hannah and Lea first off Hannah, She was born 2 and ½ years ago to Sassie an old cat of mine and her lost dad Tiger she never knew her dad because he was chased off she had 1 and more siblings only her and her brother survived. Now to Lea she had a sad life born to sassie and her unknown dad she had 2 siblings Scooter which now belongs to my cousins and Matthew who belongs to my dads friend, she had a litter of kittens when she was 1 year old in human years unfortunately  they died and she was devastated now she has a new litter. So now you know the story of my 14 cats i love being there owner! That’s all i guess i hope you have a wonderful day bye!