written 4/9/19
by Mrs. Bentley


The week before spring break was a time to catch up on some blogging activities we had not yet had time for and to complete free-choice activities. It was right on time since we had one less day during CAMP class during which to write. Most students wrote about a topic of their choosing. We took time to try other ways of using images in our writing. Some students experimented with using emojis in their stories, substituting emojis for words. The result was a rebus story like very young learners often read. Hayden started a story about spaghetti which contains emojis. We added emojis in Google Docs using the Insert menu > Special characters, and then chose Emojis instead of Symbols.

inserting emojis

Inserting emojis in Google Docs

Two students chose to create an emoji at the Made w/Code website. This required a lot of trial and error to get facial features and props in the right place using x and y coordinates. Kylie made an astronaut and Logan made a fireman. Many students decided to choose an image from several I made available via Pixabay’s website and write a story to match. That was how Payton began writing about her accident. Since we had fewer stories, I also posted a few that were written in February, when we first began to learn about blogging and I had yet to create our blog website.

astronaut emoji
Kylie’s astronaut emoji


fireman emoji

Logan’s fireman emoji