written 3/24/19
by Mrs. Bentley

LaDarius's word cloud

LaDarius’s word cloud

Students found some interesting posts when they commented on other blogs this week. A few popular ones were:

Creating a Good Blog Comment cartoon

created by Leah at www.MakeBeliefsComix.com


We had several tasks to choose from while creating artifacts for our blog. Week 3 challenge tasks included making our own images for our blog posts rather than using copyrighted images obtained from a Google search. Students created word clouds about blogging at ABCya’s site and comics about Internet safety and writing quality blog comments at Make Beliefs Comix site.

Hayden's blogging word cloud

Hayden’s word cloud


cartoon about Internet safety

Miranda’s Internet safety comic was created at www.MakeBeliefsComix.com.


Some students used Google Drawings and ABCya’s Color, Draw & Paint to create an image to go with their blog posts. Here are a couple examples. We look forward to the tasks for Week 4 of the challenge.


Camden’s dalmation was created with ABCya’s Color, Draw & Paint. Read his post here.


River's Google Drawings image

River experimented with Google Drawings to create his picture.